24", 36" or 48" Counter Shield with 12" opening

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Protective shield kit includes: 

  • 2 aluminum welded fixtures
  • Piece of clear 1/8 thick acrylic (different size options) 
  • Yellow vinyl sticker on the front to indicate bottom of clear acrylic 
  • Double sided foam attached to bottom of base for secure positioning
  • 12" opening 

This is a high quality durable aluminum, welded and painted for a professional clean look. The spacing from the counter to the bottom of the acrylic is 12" allowing for easy maneuvering of merchandise or transactions to take place. It give the cashier or person on either side a safe feeling from any coughing or sneezing. The vinyl strip is placed at the bottom for an understanding of how tall of an item can fit. 


The clear acrylic is easy to clean with your normal cleaning products, you can use Window cleaner. You cannot use Paint cleaners or heavy degreasers.